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 All of my beads are digitally kiln annealed.  I mainly use Italian and German Glass, and experiment with new manufactures as they come along, especially the new silver glasses.  Colors may appear slightly different on your screen.  Feel free to email me with any questions, requests or for more photos - 

I typically make smaller more delicate beads for jewelry and do sell lots of beads at my outdoor shows.  If there is a particular color/style you are interested in or If you have any advice, I would love to hear from you.

I am in the process of updating this page.  If you have a bead request (color, etc) send me an email! I have lots of beads, but am too fussy about the photographs so they don't get posted. 




 Beads Currently Available (priced per pair or group)

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Purple, Light Aqua 5 bead set
Price: $23.00

Beads measure from left to right-9.5mm x 12.1mm, 8.5mm x 11.5mm, 9.4mm x 14.7mm, 8.4mm x 11.3mm, 9.1mm x 12.1mm

Mix-Match Set of 9 Beads
Price: $40.00

Beads measure 9-11mm x 11-13mm

Great set for necklace or bracelet!

Golden Blue 5 bead set
Price: $23.00

Beads measure from left to right-9.6mmx13mm, 9mmx18.3mm, 9.1mmx12.6mm, 8mmx16.8mm, 10mmx13mm

Pink Sparkle set
Price: $18.00

Set of 5 beads, left to right-6x10mm, 6x12mm, 9x15mm (repeat sizes for matching right side beads)

Set of 4 Mix-Match Beads
Price: $19.00
Beads measure approximately 10-11mm x 12-13mm each


Blue Green Bubble line bead set
Price: $16.00

Set of 3 beads, left to right- 7.75x14.5mm, 9.7x12.9mm-right bead is within match range to left bead.

Silver and Pink Trio
Price: $15.00
Beads measure 7x4mm and 12x15(mmcenter bead)


Gorgeous Fall colors Bead Trio
Price: $23.00

Measure left to right-7.5mmx16.3mm, 9.5mmx14.7, 7.5mmx16mm

Left and right bead slightly different- Left bead has 9 dots, right bead has 8 dots.  Would still be great for a necklace or bracelet.

Blue (teal) Plaid, Metallic Dot bead set

Price: $10.00

Measures 8.2x131.4mm

Blue, Violet Line pair and Purple Wrap Around Trio
Price: $13.00

Measure 8.5mm x 12mm (all)

Ivory Hollow with Pink, Blue Green and Ethereal Dots
Price: $20.00


Ethereal Earring pair with Ivory and Dot Extra
Price: $13.00

Measure 9.7mm x 12.8mm and 8.5mm x 17mm (center bead)

Etched Lavender dots with Green Purple Layered
Price: $16.00

Side beads measure 8.6x14.5mm, Middle- 7.5x14mm

Blue, Teal with Ghostly Scroll Focal bead
Price: $10.00

Measures 16.1x20mm

Blue Green Stripe Clear Swirl a round bead set
Price: $9.00