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                            Handmade Art Glass Beads and Jewelry

                            Crafted by Stefanie Brooks    


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Stef is a Midwestern gal, driven by creativity and the desire to craft beautiful things. She started jewelry making in 1995 as a need to express her creativity, and glass beads in 2001.  Her personal passion quickly expanded from a part-time hobby to a full time calling. Stefanie continually expands her use of color, material, inspiration, and skill in glass bead making, metal craftsmanship, and construction to integrate new techniques and looks.

There's always a new idea or look cooking up in her workshop, as she integrates ideas from travel, workshops, new tools, or inspirations.  Please check this site frequently to see what's new or visit a show (see our events calendar on this site for those dates and locations). 

Stefanie is also a regular at the National Jewelry and Gem Shows in Tucson and would love to make your acquaintance. She loves talking about jewelry and beads as much as she loves making it.